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Marcegaglia has established its new Russian plant for the manufacturing of stainless steel products in the city of Vladimir, 180 km East of Moscow, on a global area of 70,000 sqm of which 14,000 are covered.

The first phase of the plant development includes 6 tube welding lines completed by polishing and mirror polishing machines, as well as one slitting line and one flattening line for decoiled sheets.

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High-quality stainless steel hot rolled coils from Marcegaglia RU

Hot rolled coils

Marcegaglia is one of the leading suppliers of high-strength anticorrosive metal products in the world and in the Russian Federation, thanks to its many years of production experience, know-how, as well as its modern vision and understanding of the needs of customers seeking to respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions.

Filippo Li Gotti and Roman Gavrilov, Marcegaglia RU general director and sales commercial director, talked with Metalinfo Magazine about the current situation of the market, in the context of the COVID 2019 pandemic.

Marcegaglia pays special attention to one of the key topics of the present and future - the safety and environmental friendliness of food products, by investing in quality and production facilities, quality certification of all materials and production stages..

The growth of the stainless steel towel dryers market demand is expecting a raise for the next years.

In this dramatic moment of global health emergency, the Marcegaglia family has chosen to support those fighting against the COVID 19 virus at the forefront with a concrete gesture.

Marcegaglia official app for smartphones and tablets is availabe on the App Store and Google Play Store.

With reference to the request for reassurance received from many Customers about the possible negative impact that the spread of the coronavirus could have on the supply chain, the Marcegaglia group confirms that it does not have to date and does not believe it will have in the near future any critical issues arising from the current situation.

Marcegaglia, the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector with a turnover of more than 5.3 billion euros and 5.8 million tons of steel processed yearly, through Marcegaglia Plates, the company dedicated to heavy quarto plates rolling, finalised the purchase of 100% of the capital of Palini & Bertoli from the Russian company Evraz.

Marcegaglia confirms its position as the leading Italian group in the steel sector in Mediobanca's annual ranking "The main Italian companies", with a turnover of over 5.26 billion in 2018 (compared to 4.98 billion in 2017).

From November 26th to 28th 2019 Marcegaglia takes part in the "Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition, Europe", the worldwide stainless steel conference and exhibition in the city of Maastricht (The Netherlands).

Marcegaglia Specialties, to better meet the stainless steel market demand, extends its product range of flat products by adding a new range of hot rolled stainless steel sheet.

The Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia was one of the speakers at the "European Steel Conference", organized by World Steel Dynamics in Milan on 28, 29 and 30 October, during which the trends of the steel market were analyzed.

Metal-Expo 2019, the 25th edition of international exhibition dedicated to the steel industry, takes place in Moscow. Every year more and more companies choose to participate in the event, attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Marcegaglia Specialties contributes to the construction of the largest single site CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) plant in the world. This is the Noor Energy 1 Project, the fourth phase of development of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel has registered a patent for the new Tensil-Pro system, which allows continuous measurement of the tensile properties of steels and the microstructural characteristics of metallic materials.

Marcegaglia Annual Report 2018 is online, in the Publications area of Marcegaglia website.

Marcegaglia is carrying out a complete overhaul of the supply chain, in order to further improve its response to the market: this is a significant investment for Industry 4.0.

"Casa Marcegaglia" will be a permanent museum structure standing on an area of ​​1,300 square meters in the headquarters of the homonymous industrial group, located in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti.

The eighth edition of Made in Steel, the main event in Southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry, has just ended.



In 1959, exactly 60 years ago, Steno Marcegaglia established a small factory, Marcegaglia-Caraffini, specialized in the manufacturing of roller shutter and open profiles. The company was taken over a few time later and re-named Metallurgica Mantovana.

Numbers, positioning, business culture, corporate organization, history and much more: the document, updated and reviewed in every part, is the company’s business card, with a particular attention to the human capital, the group’s independence, the development of industry 4.0 and the commitment to sustainability.

Marcegaglia boots up the import/export transaction procedures, thank to the AEO certification.

brand new in-line measuring instrument is launched by Marcegaglia, active for continuous industrial manufacturing processes such as galvanization, annealing, skin pass.

Bosch Group recognizes Marcegaglia as “Partner in success” with the Bosch Global Supplier Award.


AM Investco Italy Srl, the partnership ArcelorMittal-Marcegaglia, has signed the exclusive negotiation to purchase Ilva S.p.A and its subsidiaries with the Italian Government.


The committment in “industry 4.0” is concrete reality for Marcegaglia: in Ravenna's plant a fleet of automated guided vehicles, in Casalmaggiore an intelligent and automated crane system support the workers’ activities.

Steel Market Europe Interview of President and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia

Read here (in English) the Steel Market Europe interview of President and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia.


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