Agreement on use of the site and the processing of personal data.This agreement on use of the site and the processing of personal data is drawn up and applied in accordance with the legislation in effect in the Russian Federation between ООО “Marchegalia RU”, TIN 7702681272, registered at 92B ul. Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya, Vladimir: (hereinafter – the “Company”) and any natural person using the website: www.marcegaglia.ru (hereinafter – the “User”).

  1. While using the site in any form, including: browsing the site and studying the materials published on it, providing information about oneself in order to place orders on the site and so on, and while carrying out any other actions related to use of the site’s functionalities and of the materials, information and tools published on it – the User agrees to the processing by the Company (inter alia, in the form of collection, systemization, gathering, storage, clarification, use, blocking, destruction) of the User’s data, including his Personal data, which is not special or biometrical (namely: contact telephone numbers; email addresses; place of work and position held; user data (information about the user’s location; type and version of operating system; type and version of browser; type of device and resolution of its screen; source from whence the User arrived at the site; from which other site or from which advertisement; language of operating system and browser; which pages the User opens and what he clicks on; ip-address etc.), throughout the entire time up until the User revokes his consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with pt. 4 below. The processing of the User’s personal data may take place either by automated means, or without the use of automated means.
  2. The objectives for the processing of the User’s personal data are as follows:
    • customization of the site and its offers (both on the site itself, and in subsequent communications (including electronic communications) with the User) in accordance with the User’s definable interests (including automated means of processing) as regards the content of the site;
    • acceptance and processing of orders placed on the site by the User;
    • the provision to the User of reference material or advertising material about goods/services and other offerings available on the site, by e-mail and/or SMS (at the Company’s discretion);
    • the provision to the User of reference material or advertising material about goods/services and other offerings available on the site, through a telephone conversation with the User made using the telephone number provided;
    • the performance by the Company of its obligations with respect to the User.
  3. The basis for the processing of the User’s personal data is: art. 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; art.6 of Federal Law No.152-FZ “On personal data”; the Company’s articles of association; this Agreement and the consent given by the User, in accordance therewith, to the processing of personal data.
  4. The User may make changes to the personal data provided by him, or ask for it to be deleted/destroyed (revoking of consent to the processing of personal data), by sending the relevant request to the Company at the following address: ru@marcegaglia.com
  5. The Company undertakes not to pass on the information it receives from the User to third parties. In the cases indicated below, however, the Company may pass on such information (including the User’s personal information) to third parties.
    • the provision of information to third parties acting on the basis of a contract with the Company, for the performance of obligations with respect to the User and/or the achievement of the other aims stated in pt.2 above;
    • the passing on of information in order to carry out the demands of authorized, competent bodies;
    • in other cases provided for by the legislation currently in effect.
  6. The Company may use the technology known as “cookies” to enhance the User’s use of the site and to achieve the aims stated in pt.2 above, and may also receive and process other information about the User and his use of the site (including information about the User’s IP-address, information about how the User arrived at the site and so on).
  7. When processing the User’s personal data, the Company shall be guided by the provisions of the Federal Law “On data processing” and the secondary legislation adopted in accordance therewith, and shall also take the organizational and technical measures necessary to protect the personal data from unlawful access, and from any other unlawful actions in relation to the User’s personal data. The Company shall not be liable for any transfer by the User of information via unprotected channels of communication or in other cases that cannot reasonably be deemed to be under the Company’s control.
  8. The User is required to ensure that the information he provides is complete, accurate and reliable, and to take steps to ensure that, when the User provides information, there are no breaches of the applicable legislation, or of the legal rights and interests of third parties.
  9. The User agrees to receive messages from the Company containing information, news and advertisements, circulars and other associated information in any other form. The User may unsubscribe from such messages by asking the Company to remove it from the mailing list.
  10. The collection and storage of personal data submitted by the User shall be carried out solely in electronic form (unless otherwise required under the applicable legislation).
  11. By using the site (in any form, including those indicated above), the User is expressing its consent to this Agreement and to all the terms thereof, while the mere fact of the User carrying out such actions shall be deemed by both parties to be implicative action, aimed at the concluding by the User of this agreement and acceptance of its terms, and shall be interpreted as compliance with the written form of the Agreement (pt.3 art.434 SC RF).